Personal Nutrition Consultations

There are three services I offer, personal consultations, classes, and specialist short courses.  Many of my clients enjoy the benefits of the personal consultations to get them started as they feel a little intimidated by the thought of classes, or they want the additional support and advice.

With personal consultations, there are 4 phases:

  •  An initial call to discuss what you are looking for, what you want to achieve, and a quick introduction to me and how it all works. This is completely free of charge, and there is no obligation to go any further.
  •  If you decide that working with me is the right fit for you, I then get you to complete a welcome pack.  This includes a food and drink diary, an activity log, and a commitment form to sign.  Once you have signed the commitment form, this is your commitment to yourself and the programme,  for an initial 8 weeks.  This will include your short and long term goals, and how we will achieve them.
  •  We then work on how we are going to achieve your goals, we will look in detail at all aspects of your nutrition, and I will make recommendations as to what you can change and how to change it, and give you your first weekly meal plan.  This is completely personalised to you, and you will have daily, and weekly drop ins from me to make sure you are getting all the support you need.  No two clients are the same, so this part is completely unique to you.
  •  After the 8 weeks – you will (hopefully!) have achieved your initial goal, you may now decide to carry on with the personal support and we then go through the process again, taking into considerations the changes we have already made.  You may decide to go it alone, and feel you have the tools and the knowledge to apply the changes you have made during the 8-week period to your life.  Or, you may decide that you don’t need the full support you have been getting, but still want help achieving your goals and staying on track.  If this is the case, I run courses on a weekly basis to support you.


  •  Each 8-week course is £240 – including all materials
  • Discount is offered if you then decide to continue with a further course, join My Nutrilife classes or continue with private consultations

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